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Fighting Financial Ignorance:
Financial Miseducation of the Middle Class
My Journey

From Entrepreneur to Financial Coach

I am a licensed financial professional with an MBA. I came to USA searching for the American dream however like most people it looked like a nightmare of working over time extra time and all the time .

Gladly I stumbled onto some financial strategies that helped retire at 32. So join me and I will help you understand money.

My team and I will show you how money works and how it can work for you.

– Miyingo Micheal

What we offer

Scope Our Services

Financial Planning

Tailored strategies for achieving fiscal goals, optimizing investments, and securing a stable financial future with expert guidance.

Wealth Management

Comprehensive solutions to grow, protect, and transfer wealth, ensuring long-term financial prosperity and peace of mind.

Retirement Planning

Strategic retirement roadmaps crafted to maximize savings, income, and lifestyle, ensuring a secure and enjoyable retirement journey.

Risk Management

Mitigating financial risks through thorough analysis and personalized strategies, safeguarding assets and ensuring financial well-being in uncertain times.


Tailored insurance solutions providing financial protection against unforeseen events, ensuring peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones.

Education Planning

Customized plans to fund education goals, offering financial strategies that pave the way for educational success and reduced financial burden.

How to Secure Your Finances?

An average American works so hard and barely has time for themselves and family. With my strategies, you will discover how you can retire early and if you are retired, I will show you how you can stay retired without going back to work during your retirement.
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What They Say

Pay Yourself Today transformed my financial outlook. Miyingo Micheal's expertise in wealth management and retirement planning provided clarity and security. Grateful for the peace of mind on my financial journey.
Anthony Widjaja
CEO Company X
Miyingo Micheal is a financial wizard! Pay Yourself Today's services, from risk management to education planning, have been instrumental in securing my family's future. Trustworthy, insightful, and highly recommended.
Anthony Widjaja
CEO Company X
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Questions to consider

  • What Tax Codes do you use for retirement planning?

  • Will you retire and stay retired, or you may have to go back to work during retirement?

  • Is your current retirement plan/account Tax Free?

  • Will your kids be free from taking out student loans?

  • Do you have an income replacement account? How many days forward can you survive without going to work?

  • Will your family maintain the same lifestyle incase you are sick and unable to go to work?

  • How do the rich with maintaining taxes?

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